e-SENS aims to provide generic solutions for eGovernment development in European countries. Thus, it facilitates seamless access to public services from different domains across borders.
A number of parties will be affected by the project outcomes:

  • Member states will receive technical solutions allowing them to create interoperable, efficient, re-usable, high-quality public services
  • The IT industry will access open source solutions to be used in their own business services
  • Citizens and entrepreneurs will reap benefits from digital public services, which will improve their freedom to move, live, and do business in Europe

All parties are encouraged to contribute to work under the project and provide feedback on its products.


Member States

The Member States group includes public administration representatives across Europe who are interested in providing innovative and seamless services for citizens and business.
Electronic public services are already being delivered by many European member states. However, when it comes to cross-border transactions, a digital border still divides the European single market due to a lack of interoperability among national systems.

 What will e-SENS do?

e-SENS will create consolidated and extended solutions for cross-border applications by taking on board existing solutions and components from participating LSPs and considering national requirements. This will ensure the reusability and scalability of the building blocks. All public administration functions are addressed, no matter what their domain. Project solutions will be tested within the areas of e-Justice, e-Health,
e-Procurement, e-Agriculture, business lifecycle and citizen lifecycle. Further piloting domains may be selected during the lifetime of the project.
The e-SENS project, like other CIP ICT-PSP funded projects, enables the creation of ICT-based public services and supports their take-up at national level. Public administration will benefit from ready-to-use and tested solutions ready to be implemented for any public service.
e-SENS also aims to demonstrate the feasibility of deploying real-life ICT services within and among countries across Europe. The building blocks developed within the project will be available for re-use and integration in different combinations. Common specifications and solutions will rely upon open standards, ensuring their portability and reusability by all Member States.

 What added value does e-SENS offer to the Member States group?

  • The ability to provide more efficient and innovative public services
  • Compliance with standards and interoperability requirements
  • Support for single market development and implementation of EU policies such as the Digital Agenda
  • Stimulation of cross-border business activity and citizen mobility
  • Administrative simplification and modernisation resulting in less red tape
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of public services
  • Enhanced satisfaction of public service users
  • Savings of time while performing administrative tasks
  • Improved transparency of public administration performance


How can you become involved?

  • Provide feedback on project work and solutions
  • Indicate domains for possible implementation of project solutions



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IT Industry

The IT Industry group is represented by small, medium, and large companies and associations of the ICT sector that develop, supply, and consult on infrastructure, products, and services for:

  • Electronic identity
  • Electronic signatures
  • Electronic documents
  • Electronic services
  • Security technologies and solutions
  • eGovernment systems


Technical solutions to be developed

Within the e-SENS project, various building blocks are developed to ensure the provision of cross-border services. e-SENS ensures their conformance with necessary EU regulations as well as interoperability within systems in Europe. Products and services will be created and may affect the software solutions on the EU market. e-SENS will not compete with IT companies. Quite the opposite: the IT sector is expected to become the key enabler for project solutions.
All of the developed building blocks will be open source and free to be used by any interested party, including the private sector. Industry players can influence the solutions being developed and take part in development work as well as validation. Involvement in the e-SENS project will enable them to communicate their reservations and prepare to take up the solutions developed.
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 What added value does e-SENS offer to Industry groups?

  • An open source solution for e-ID, e-Delivery, Semantics, e-Documents, e-Payment
  • The ability to influence work on European interoperability of IT systems in public administration
  • New business opportunities in the public sector
  • The opportunity to create new commercial products or add value based on existing e-SENS solutions without licence fees
  • The opportunity to re-use solutions and include them in business offers without “re-inventing the wheel”



IT representatives are a priority stakeholder group for e-SENS. They are invited to contribute to project work by creating an Industry Team. If you are interested in becoming part of the team,  please contact us.
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End Users

The end users of the project are citizens and entrepreneurs who travel, reside, or do business in Europe. When operating across borders, we often encounter multiple barriers: different languages, rules, and laws. Contacts with public administration may be problematic due to distance and the different organisational setups and regulations.
e-SENS supports the creation of a European Single Market by bringing down digital barriers and simplifying communication with public administration across Europe. By implementing numerous interoperable solutions, the project will make life easier for citizens and businesses, and enable even greater mobility within the EU.

 How will e-SENS help?

e-SENS will enable electronic communication with public administrative bodies, involving cross-border cases in the following domains:

  • e-Health for accessing health services in the EU
  • e-Justice for dealing with cross-border disputes
  • Business Setup for establishing businesses in the EU
  • e-Procurement for making public tendering easier across borders
  • Citizen Lifecycle for citizen-centred public e-services
  • e-Agriculture for cross-border services for farmers

Both citizens and entrepreneurs can benefit from the project solutions during the piloting phase of the project. The first real cross-border public services have already been enabled!
>> Read more about piloting domains

 What added value does e-SENS provide for the stakeholder group?

e-SENS aims to reduce electronic barriers in the European single market. It will make it easier for entrepreneurs and citizens to access healthcare and judicial systems and do business across borders. Citizens and businesses will benefit from the electronic cross-border public services provided during the pilot phase of the e-SENS project. In the long run, European society should benefit from a number of electronic services in different domains provided by public administration based on e-SENS generic solutions.
The main benefits for European citizens and entrepreneurs are:

  • Simplification of administrative procedures
  • Less red tape in dealings with public administrative bodies
  • Electronic access to the services of public administrative bodies in the EU
  • Safe and trusted communication channels
  • Solutions making it easier to live, travel and do business in the EU
  • Wider business opportunities in the European single market
  • Reduction of digital burdens in setting up and running a business abroad



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