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LSP project family
Europe faces numerous barriers in effective delivery of public services across borders. When it comes to electronic proceedings, even more obstacles are present in relation to semantics, organization, technology and law. Without achieving interoperability among European public administrations, delivering European public services to European citizens and businesses will be difficult, if not impossible. In order to tackle this problem, the Large Scale Pilots have been launched by the European Commission to develop basic solutions for several different domains: e-Justice, Business Start-up, eHealth, eProcurement:



SPOCS (Simple Procedures Online for Cross- Border Services) uses the solution for the cross border use of natural persons eID developed by STORK (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linked). Furthermore it also builds on document transport concepts developed by STORK. It has used the Virtual Company Dossier (VCD) concept of PEPPOL for document containers and has generalized it into a container format for eDocuments (OCD) to package company information for transmission to Points of Single Contact in other countries.


e-CODEX (e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange) will build on and make necessary changes to deliverables from SPOCS and the other pilots in order to fulfil its objectives of improving the cross-border access of citizens and businesses to legal means in Europe as well as to improve the interoperability between legal authorities within the EU.


epSOS (European patient Smart Open Services) aims to design, build and evaluate a service infrastructure that demonstrates cross-border interoperability between electronic health record systems in Europe. epSOS attempts to offer seamless healthcare to European citizens. Key goals are to improve the quality and safety of healthcare for citizens when travelling to another European country.


PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online)  has developed and implemented technology standards for European governmental public electronic procurement. PEPPOL’s vision is to enable businesses to communicate electronically with any European government institution in the procurement process, thus increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.


The aim of the STORK (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed) project is to establish a European eID Interoperability Platform that will allow citizens to establish new e-relations across borders, just by presenting their national eID. This platform allows European citizens to log in to public services of other Member States using the eID technology of their home country.


Extends the scope of STORK to mandates and representation (e.g. of legal entities) and advances from eGovernment to private sector applications.

The existing Large Scale Pilots have already proven that providing cross-border services can be simpler.

e-SENS will continue to learn from the experiences of previous LSPs as well as Member States and associated countries to ensure the use of best practices and consideration of national requirements. e-SENS will consolidate, improve and extend the solutions developed in order to create general purpose components that can be extended to other domains.