e-SENS final conference

Thursday, March 2, 2017 to Friday, March 3, 2017


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The final e-SENS conference, held on 2nd and 3rd March 2017 in Brussels, came to an end.  The event was a successful culmination of the e-SENS project, hosting over 200 guests from 30 countries. On the first day, main achievements of the projects were presented, while the second day focused on the real digital pilot services to be enabled within CEF and TOOP.  Those projects will continue the e-SENS journey to make digital public services a reality by re-using the solutions of the e-SENS project.

This final e-SENS event closed a series of Large Scale Pilot projects under the CIP ICT PSP program. e-SENS, tasked with a mission to consolidate results of epSOS, STORK, SPOCS, PEPPOL, e-CODEX, has achieved a huge amount in terms of moving services forward. e-SENS succeeded in creating a common pan-European set of standards that will embrace both national and sectorial diversity and facilitate interoperability. The coherent Interoperability Architecture developed by the project includes models, tools and guidelines for the implementation of the solutions. The building blocks provided are modular and exchangeable in nature and therefore suitable for integration into existing systems in EU Member States and Associated Countries. The project demonstrated that it is feasible, realistic and sustainable to deploy ICT services within and among European countries by implementing building blocks to connect diversified national IT systems. e-SENS supports implementation of sectorial EU policies and facilitated reaching compliance with horizontal regulations such as eIDAS.



What could you learn?


During the two-day conference, participants could learn about the European Union developments in the are of the legal framework for digital public services, IT developments as well as good practices in the e-Governance area. Moreover, there was an exhibition hosting e-SENS, me-CODEX, TOOP, CEF, eu-LISA and INEA.

Variety of topics was presented:

  • Legal framework for EU public services in the digital age
  • The advantages of EU Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs)
  • Success stories for connecting Europe - e-SENS piloting experiences
  • The process of building digital ecosystems by CEF building blocks
  • Architecture for realisation of the "Once Only Principle" - the TOOP projecs


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