Patient Summary and ePrescription now one step closer to implementation!


Nine EU Member States along with the European Commission’s Directorate General for Health, DG SANTE, tested the latest version of the OpenNCP tool, an open source reference implementation which integrates three e-SENS building blocks: e-Identification (e-ID), Non-repudiation and Capability Lookup (BDX-SMP). The e-ID building block enables better identification of patients when they are seeking healthcare in a cooperating EU Member State, and also allows for more assurances on patient consent.

The Non-repudiation generates and make available evidence concerning a claimed event or action in order to resolve disputes about the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event or action. The Capability Lookup building block will enable the European Commission’s Directorate General for informatics (DG DIGIT) to host cross-domain central configuration services for National Contact Points for cross-border healthcare in other EU countries.

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