Technical Solutions

The objective of e-SENS is to make available a comprehensive set of building blocks (BBs) for an interoperable European infrastructure for cross sector services.

The project focuses on providing architecture driven solutions and technical specification on the state of the art technologies by engaging in close corporation various domain communities. The goal is to create general purpose components that can be extended to other various policy areas. 

e-Delivery has the aim of establishing a common transport infrastructure suited to the requirements of cross- border communication between eGovernment applications in different domains.
The e-Document BBs is a container component used to wrap business content and handle electronic documents.
e-Identity’s goal is to establish cross-border recognition and validation of national electronic identity schemes to support the requirements of various eGovernment applications.
e-Signature aims to provide cross-border interoperable components for a secure electronic signature infrastructure in different domains.

Semantics BB is mostly focused on the semantic interoperability from a legal and official document (evidence, attestation) perspective.



Key facts about e-SENS building blocks:

  • The e-SENS BBs define the e-SENS European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA), which is a reference architecture for delivering digital public services (across borders and sectors).
  • The e- SENS BBs offer technical specifications, software components and services which focus on the value of openness of architecture, standards and governance.
  • The e-SENS BBs are based on the products of previous Large Scale Pilots (LSP), which have been consolidated and further improved.
  • The e-SENS BBs are modular and exchangeable. Therefore they are suitable for integration into existing systems in EU Member States and Associated Countries.
  • The e-SENS BBs provide a foundation for the platform of “core services” for the eGovernment cross-border digital infrastructure of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).
  • The e-SENS BBs are assessed against long-term sustainability. This includes market and value analysis as well as analysis of compliance with the needs and requirements of the future adaptors of the building blocks.


Moreover, e- SENS building blocks are:

Available to any interested party for free
Based on standards and independent of commercial solutions
Re-usable for any policy and business